With time and after several International agreements and treaties, in india also the situation has come where the mantra is “ one who puts in the money is no more a Master” and one who puts in the labour is no more a servant. The right balance between the Promoters and the work force is sought to be achieved by way of several legislations which are constantly dynamic in nature. When the balance between the two is disturbed, most often unintentionally, it needs to be responded and checked immediately. Situations involving lay offs, retrenchment, closure etc are sensitive issues and need proper handling.
Justitia has been advising several industrial houses regarding compliances under statutes like Employees Provident Funds & Misc. Provisions Act, ESI Act, and other allied labour laws., advising in case of labour disturbances, statutory compliances, criminal prosecutions under Statutes like EPF & ESi matters. It is also handling litigation before High courts and Supreme Court of India, besides various Industrial forums like labour courts/ Industrial forums, Conciliation proceedings.
Important statutes under which Justitia has been handling matters are , inter alia , as under:
Industrial Disputes Act, EPF & MP Act, ESI Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Industrial Employment ( Standing orders) Act, Apprentices Act, Employees Compensation Act, Maternity benefits Act, Contract Labour ( Regulation and abolition) Act, Trade Unions Act etc. Social Security legislations like Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 ( EPF & MP Act, 1952) Justitia hasbeen providing advice and consultancy on the issues under EPF & MP Act, 1952 for effecting compliances under the Act. we have been representing business entities/establishments in the proceedings before competent authorities viz u/s 7A & 14B under the Act and also handling matters before statutory Appellate Tribunal, i.e. EPF Appellate Tribunal, before High courts and Supreme Court of India.
Similarly, under Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 ( ESI Act, in short), we have been advising on varied issues under the ESI Act and also representing the clients before the authorities under the Act.
We are also handling Criminal Prosecution u/s 406/409 IPC initiated by the P.F. Authorities.
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